6 comments on “Momentum

  1. Phillip,
    You present some great questions on momentum. One of the things we do well for our morning (which has now grown double in the past year) is having the kids involved in almost every area of the morning time. Worship, tech, skits, even how the rooms looks has kids input with it. It seems to be doing something for the group. Just my thought and I want to give you at least one comment so you won’t be sad.

  2. I feel like the more you pour into your volunteers…the more excited they become…it will translate into students being cared for in such a way that they are also excited to be there.
    Especially if you can pour into younger volunteers, like high school students who are jr high small group leaders! If you’ve got the baseball or football player leading a group of jr high boys…wow, that can be powerful.

  3. When we decide on a direction with our ministry, we will have to work on a focus for our momentum. For us, it is the idea of community. While we seek to put students into small groups and into mentoring relationships with adults, it is the thoughts of community that DRIVE my staff and students to connect and to relate to one another. We seek to create an atmosphere where students WANT to hang, talk, relate, and connect. Momentum can be mis-leading. The bigger question is, what are we measuring and how.

  4. Hey man,
    Your pastor has given me the best teaching on momentum I have ever used and that came from Catalyst a few years back and it was on New, Improve, Improving…some things you need a complete retooling (doesn’t sound likely in your case) other times in order to spark momentum you just need a tweek…maybe change up your band, your look, your set, your preaching style…something to just give it a NEW energy. I dunno just a thought.

  5. Best thing I never did to build the momentum on a Sunday morning…inflate all the inflatable couches we use every week with helium so they were floating when students were finally let into the room. I know, it’s a programming thing, but still hot. It would’ve provided the “what the crap” response they would’ve remembered and told a friend about, so I could preach to both of them next week.

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