4 comments on “Stomp Meets Jesus Meets Elevation Church

  1. No video?? Come on… I really want video!! Come on, please… How bout’ now??…. Now??… I’m getting tired of waiting here!!

  2. Jennifer McKibbin and I went to the 11:30 together and when this all started, we were wondering who everyone was. We thought at first they’d brought people in as they’d brought in the Rally Cats from the Bobcats once. Then we slowly realized… Hey that’s Phillip in the middle! And Wade! And Larry! And Mack! Way better than if they’d brought people in. You can’t top the energy Elevators bring in on their own!

  3. Would love to see a video of this! Looks freakin awesome. Hit me up with a comment on my site if there is a video!!!
    Muchas Gracias Holme Boy

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