4 comments on “Praying For My Daughter

  1. I think that’s really awesome.
    I don’t really believe my dad has ever honestly prayed for me or over me or about me or anything. But I know that if he did ever pray for me that I would want to know about it, at least later in life. I think one of the biggest encouragements (for me, at least) is just to know that someone is thinking of me and praying for me.
    My point being, SG is really lucky and at some point in her life when she’s able to understand and appreciate it, I think you should definitely convey to her the time and energy you’ve given to her behind the scenes by doing something as simple as praying over her while she’s sleeping.
    Sorry that was long.

  2. That’s really wonderful, Phillip. πŸ™‚ SG and Rylee are so luck and blessed to have you and Anita for parents who care so much and want to see God move in their lives both now and in the future. Your efforts will reap rewards and blesing from God in their lives and yours one day, never doubt that!

  3. As someone who shared a room with her sister for the better part of two decades, I’d like to say…WHATEVER! Keep telling yourself all that jazz about “great lessons.” πŸ™‚

  4. I remember waking up in the morning when my dad was leaving for work. He would always come into my room and kiss me on the cheek (i’m not down with the lips- cause we are two dudes). It woke me up every time and thinking back on it, it is one of the things i cherish most. Maybe he was praying, but maybe not. The point is that he was loving me. I think we as kids don’t always see the love we get from our parents but feeling it might just be better. SG may not see you praying but i believe she is feeling its affects.

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