One comment on “The Great Debate

  1. If I’m correct, you’re asking about the argument between intention vs. behavior. Here’s my 2-cents.
    Intentions for doing something should be out of love according to 1 Corinthians 13. Just b/c I do something good doesn’t make my intentions good.
    Take this for example. Let’s say that I meet a man with a bill that he can’t pay, & I give him the money to pay it. Was what I did a good deed? Yes! But if I did it to receive a reward, then my intention was bad. But if I did it to meet the man’s need & give him joy & peace, then my intention was good, b/c it was full of love.
    Look at Jesus’ life. Many times the Bible states that Jesus had compassion on the people. Everything He did was intended out of love.
    On the other hand, we must think about our behavior before acting on it. Just b/c we have the best intentions for behaving doesn’t mean that our behavior was good. Sometimes we, as people, make stupid decisions.
    There should be a balance.

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