10 comments on “I Can’t Say It Without Crying

  1. Phillip I am sooooooo excited for you to have a son!! Hes going to be wayy cool and funny, just like you!

  2. I can say from experience that it is going to be awesome. We just had our son a week ago and he is already changing the dynamic of our family in good ways. Congratulations!

  3. AWE!!! Congrats!!! That IS soooo exciting and I am sure you are just extatic!!! How AWESOME!!! God is great! LOVE IT!!! All these baby updates from everyone we know is seriously giving me the baby bug. SERIOUSLY! 🙂

  4. Oh my stars!!!!!
    Phillip that is absolutely great!!!!
    You’ve mentioned it probably every time during church,since you came out and told us that Anita was pregnant,that you wanted a boy!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! (wow that doesn’t look spelled right at all)

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