2 comments on “Perpetually Frustrated

  1. This might be an obvious answer, but I truly think balance is the key to most things in life. It’s obviously a great thing that you have a critical eye (your constructive criticism in my own life has opened my eyes to things that needed to change and has stuck with me for years), but if that means you’re never happy with your great accomplishments and talents, what good is it? Personally, I think you should be really proud of who you are and where you are in life, so if that urge to reach perfection has kept you from seeing how great a father you are or the lives you’ve changed through your ministry, I pray that God would give you the peace to cut yourself some slack. Don’t lose the edge that makes you a very unique leader, but no one will be disappointed in you if you’ve done the best you could, whether it’s “perfect” or not.

  2. I totally ditto Kelly! Amen!
    Your “doubter” is getting in the way and you’re second guessing your every move.
    Are you stepping out into the unknown again? You’ve done it before, right?
    I don’t know you well enough to know what makes Phillip, Phillip. What I am learning is that you’re passionate about whatever mission you’re on.
    What is also evident is that you have great support from home. Work it enough and you just might get that swimming pool room.
    Phillip, seeming to never be satisfied may lend way to you seeing room for improvement, but if looking at everything with a critical eye is where you’re at most…maybe it could be time for a mindset change; renewal and refreshment?
    I’m probably way off base in everything I’ve said. Maybe I’ve said too much. I don’t know.
    You asked, “Do I simply lack the ability to be happy?” Don’t know the answer to that. What I do know…and you do too…is that joy is absolutely obtainable.
    What I (our family) see you do in your ministry is a wonderful thing.
    I’ve been seeing a different pattern with your tweets lately and I’m not sure how to “read” them.
    Don’t give up. I’m prayin’ that you’ll get your swagga back, brotha!

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