3 comments on “Love that Stoops

  1. 2 comments…
    1. I like your take on love, especially the visual of Jesus on Peter’s level.
    2. I’m happy you’ve decided to exercise your right to freely press the return key to create new paragraphs frequently. Much easier read now…but I would press through either way, probably, maybe, well, okay, I would.

  2. “in the original greek” agape and phileo both just mean love in koine greek. the two words are interchangeable. it is an “exegetical fallacy” (d. a. carson) to make a distinction between the two words.

  3. Thanks for that Phud (he’s my “as he grows older, becomes more intellectually polarized” great friend, don’t worry, he was in my wedding). Regardless of the “exegetical fallacy” Jesus does make a disinction by his use of the word. Unless one believes that this was a “translated mistake.” The argument between “agape” Godly love and “phileo” brotherly love doesn’t really matter. We see that Jesus and Peter are using differing words and it is Jesus who changes. Thoughts?

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